inward scape outward shape would there be some kind of tell for the quiet things or screaming things hidden away tethered paths arranged moving together in unexpected shapes weaved agitating forces voices hang in the air always haunting and haunted

is a home where we are can we be together in two places at once share in something what is to bare and to feel again

when we have nothing left to give will we collapse the paths reverse ghosts mark the time for collapse I still find myself and maybe a new world to believe in that was always here here now it's here

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  • - zoom by scrolling or pinching
  • - rotate by click + dragging
  • - hear the structure's song by hovering over its parts (zoom, hold + drag on mobile)
  • - generate a new space by clicking "generate" "collapse" "untether"
  • - every space is unique
  • - the chat is not saved
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